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Amazing Web Of Abraham Zapruder
The Man Who Filmed JFK's Assassination

by Gregory Burnham

The following may be of interest to those who would seek a glimpse at the beginning, even though it tends to raise questions about the only piece of evidence that we know is real, intact, unaltered, and 100% without blemish. Qualities that are curiously absent from the character of the one who filmed it...


Abraham Zapruder-White Russian affiliation, 32nd degree Mason, active MEMBER of 2 CIA Proprietary Organizations: The Dallas Council On World Affairs and The Crusade For A Free Europe;

These two organizations were CIA (backed) Domestic Operations in Dallas whose membership included:

Abraham Zapruder, Clint Murchison (owner of the Dallas Cowboys at that time) , Mr. Byrd, (owner of the Texas School Book Depository), Sarah Hughes, who swore LBJ in as the 36th President while Air Force One was still on the ground in Dallas, George DeMohrenschildt, (CIA contract agent AND best friend of LHO), George Bush (also close friend of George DeMohrenschildt), Neil Mallon, (mentor that Bush named his son, Neil, after), H.L. Hunt, & Demitri Von Mohrenschildt (George D's brother).

In 1953 and 1954 a woman named, Jeanne LeGon worked SIDE by SIDE with Abraham Zapruder at a high end clothing design firm called, Nardis of Dallas. Jeanne LeGon designed the clothing and Abraham Zapruder cut the patterns and the material for her.

Incidentally, Abraham Zapruder's obituary mis-states the date/year that he departed Nardis of Dallas, incorrectly citing 1949. The correct year was 1959, [the same year that his "partner in design" Jeanne LeGon became known as, Jean LeGon DeMohrenschildt... She had married Lee Oswald's BEST FRIEND (to be), CIA Contract Agent, George DeMohrenschildt!]

Lyndon Baines Johnson's personal secretary, Marie Fehmer, who flew back to Washington on Air Force One with LBJ on 11-22-1963, just happens to be the daughter of Olga Fehmer, currently living in Tyler, Texas. Olga Fehmer ALSO worked at Nardis of Dallas with Abraham Zapruder and Jean LeGon DeMohrenshildt.

Quick Review:

Olga Fehmer, the mother of LBJ's future personal secretary, (Marie) worked closely with the man who would later capture the assassination on film: Abraham Zapruder, in the same city of Dallas.

George DeMohrenschildt's future wife Jeanne LeGon, also worked at NARDIS of Dallas, the city in which LHO's best friend and rabid anti-communist White Russian, George DeMohrenshildt - would convince Lee Oswald and his White Russian wife, Marina, to eventually reside.

The Oswald's spent time together in the Soviet Union during their "courtship" -- much if not most of that time was spent in the city of Minsk, which is where George DeMohrenshildt and his brother, Demitri Von Mohrenschildt, grew up, after fleeing the place of their birth, Mozyr, which was often mistakenly thought to have been a part of Poland.

Abraham Zapruder's co-worker, Jeanne LeGon and her husband George DeMohrenschildt introduced Lee Oswald to the daughter of one of George DeMohrenshildt's close friends, Ruth Paine. Ruth Paine's husband , Michael, whose step-father, Arthur Young collaborated with none other than Lyndon Baines Johnson's personal pilot, Joseph Mashman, to develop "BELL" helicopter (Fort Worth, Texas), was employed by Bell at the time of the assassination. 3,000-5,000 BELL helicopters were lost in Viet Nam and BELL's stockholders made a fortune replacing them.

In September of 1976, George DeMohrenschildt was subjected to 9 electro-shock treatments at Parkland Hospital under the order given by one, Doctor DeLoach... first cousin of FBI Assisstant Director Cartha D. "Deke" DeLoach. His "doctor of record", Dr. Mendoza, ordered the administration of intravenous "drugs" upon DeMohrenschildt's being committed to Parkland Hospital for, "mental problems" - but, it was DeLoach that ordered the Electro-Shock Therapy. This episode occured during the time that George Bush was the Director of Central Intelligence and within weeks of DeMohrenshildt's having written a manuscript for a book entitled, "I Am A Patsy! I Am A Patsy!" which named names of various CIA and FBI personnel who framed Oswald to cover their tracks in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

There is an "extant" version of this manuscript floating around the net [which is possibly a creation of a good forgerer like E. H. HUNT].

On March 29, 1977... the same day DeMohrenschildt agreed to an interview with the HSCA, George DeMohrenschildt was found dead of a shotgun blast through his mouth by his daughter, Alexandra. His death was ruled a suicide.

In 1964, a CIA report states that: "[she] was being monitored by CIA's James Jesus Angleton because she was having an affair with Mohammed al Fayed shortly after the JFK assassination..." James Jesus Angleton's name is signed at the bottom of that 41 page report. Under his signature is that of CIA asset, Jane Roman. Roman was the CIA agent who the record shows was charged with "monitoring" the movements of one, Lee Harvey Oswald, for the two months preceding the assassination.


George Bush's roomate at Andover and Yale, who subsequently enlisted with him into the Navy was Demitri Von Mohrenschildt's step-son, Edward Gordon Hooker.

George DeMohrenschildt was business partners with Mohammed al Fayed and Clamar J. Charles in Haiti, while working for Clint Murchison's Haitian interests. He also worked for Murchison's Three States Oil & Gas Co.

Jackie Kennedy grew up calling George DeMohrenschildt, "Uncle George" -- as her mother Janet Auchincloss nearly married him after she had dated him during her divorce from Jackie's father, Black Jack Bouvier.

At one time, DeMohrenschildt actually was engaged to be married to Jackie's mother's sister, (Jackie's aunt), Michelle.

George Bush has selective Altzheimer's regarding his where abouts of 11-22-1963. Barbara Bush stated he was in Tyler, TX. although he has "speculated" that he may have been in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

FBI Special Agent, Graham Kitchell states that he received a call from George Bush on 11-22-1963, and that George Bush (and his voice) were very familiar to him at that time. The call was made to the Houston FBI office and apparently did not originate from Haiti.

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Colleen Jones (4/11/2012)
Jackie --- JFK had to order her back from Aristotle --- she then became one of Arie Dear's "artifacts" --- but it cost him his son.... as for de morenshild - Bob POPE (not Hope) the Manager of the Natioinal Enquirer and CIA - lived across from him -- my friend was under contract to the National Equirer -- and detested this guy - but long after this guy died --- she said the windows "boarded up" you could see lights inside - etc.... Bob Pope --- consider the TABLOIDS --- when Liz Taylor crossed John Warner -- she had grown fat --- he insulted her on TV - she was here in at this time at a dinner and then dumped him --- from that time on she was almost a recluse and the tabloids ridiculed her performance in THE LITTLE FOXES -
She and Warner lived on THE MELLON FARM --- CIA stuff - for all the Morgans, Mellons, Rockefellers --- were CIA - in fact it was "Bunny" Mellon who put the white roses on JFK's grave from the g arden, I read this --- but she was I believe a personal guard to Jackie Kenney -
There was a Fitzgerald Curse -- my father was a Fitzgerald -- I knew this from the time I was four and five years old --- it is noted a FitzGerald signed the Magna Carta - and 7 were hanged drawned and quarter by Henry the King of England centuries ago ---
one got away to France ---- these are old family legends but verified today - the Earl of Wycliff wrote such a book --- Sybil Leek - who was MI6 -- with whom I worked on this for long time --- bestseller author before she died - wrote to say my bible calendar had brought trouble into her own home ---- she was astrologer and trained by Ian Fleming --- and was a REAL Witch - but keep in mind in old days - witches and warlocks were sent to the Isle of Man --- where was a secret experimental statation and they had great big chickens --- and it was some kind of a - well prison for these witches and warlocks --- like the Sabeans of Job 1 in the bible (call him Ishmael for he alone survived to tell job the -----death of his family, burning of his house, etc) the Sabeans are THE SPIES.
So --- this calendar was in a very special bible - the beginning of the SPACE RACE ---
As said the Russians got all the German Scientists but our MEDIA WHORES --- said the USA got the Nazis ---- Werner von Braun got us to the moon first ---
Look how many brave men have died in this program - and these same people now say we never went that.
Thanks for the visit to your beautiful site --- you have some wonderful information --- wish I could knock off 50 years - and knew then what I know now...
C.J --
"Build me a castle, 40 feet high
So I can see him as he rides by"
from Down in the Valley - as sung by "Sheriff Andy Griffith" - in Mayberry ----
see the wind blow ......
say it with music
Streets of Larado was n the juke box in 1963 in certain places
they sang Danny Boy --- like the young cownboy in white, JFK was given that white cowboy hat in Dallas --- High Noon --- starring Grace Kelly - and you know what happened to her --- and toss in the Princess of Wales ----

Cynthia Rowe (1/23/2012)
Notice how many photos show Jackie smiling and leaning towards LBJ. Notice the strained look on JFK's face.
You may ask why I show a sudden interest...I remember being in Dallas after all these years...people tell me to let it go and move on...I just can't seem to...I want to know the truth about what happened to me and my family. I was in the White House in 1966. October I think...I saw Jackie, I saw Sirhan, I saw John Jr...and don't know man I thought was Senator Kennedy...was it LBJ that day in the Oval office? The 1996? movie tells about the little lady in the White House that says her body was dumped....I tried to research to find out if it was the same day she died...I can find nothing. I really wish I had some help with this...for my own peace of mind.

Cynthia Rowe (1/23/2012)
notice frame 313 the small figure in the middle of the photo, her shadow begins around frame 296...appears to be a child...a three year old child? Maybe there was no picnic sheet....but she was hit in the face by his brains.see the projection...she is running towards the assaillent

Cynthia Rowe (1/23/2012)
How does a three year old child pronounce the name of the cameraman she met?
Mr. Magoo.

Cynthia Rowe (1/23/2012)
Man down, man down. And then there was silence. JFK had been shot three times. JFKís forehead had a piece blown off which hit a three year old child on her right cheek. A scalp of hair landed next to the sheet in green grass. (clover?) A blob of brain matter lands on the sheet. The child sees a man in a dark suit by the tree he is all black he looks like a tree trunk. There are two trees there his head is at the base of the Y. He moves left of the tree as the car rounds the corner, notice the motorcycle disappear? Where did he go? Notice the dark suit, hatless man running by the car?
Heís still there, overthere, the little girlÖ.shout donít you see him. Why donít they listen? Heís still there and he fired again.
Three shots were fired. A fourth may have come from another gun. Did anyone admit to shooting at the assassin? Couldnít get a shot at him because he stood behind the tree, reloaded and shot twice, dead on. The first shot was a warning it hit itís mark, silence, canít talk without his throat.
How did the other man get killed? Nobody bothers to dissect that one?
Where did that bullet come from?
Who called Man down, man down?

judgment day (6/3/2011)
the rabbit hole is long all the way to the house of rochchilds google it!

Leory Blevins Sr. (5/29/2011)
The gunmen in the JFK assassination was right behind Mr.Zapruder and I can show this. e-mail me at
History will be changed

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